Present Perfect

Topic 15: I have done (present perfect 1)

Topic 16: I´ve just…   I´ve already…   I haven´t… yet (present perfect 2)

Topic 17: Have you ever…? (present perfect 3)

Topic 18: How long have you…? (present perfect 4)

Topic 19: for, since, ago

Topic 20: I have done (present perfect) and I did (past)


Topic: 1: am/ is/ are

Topic 2: am/ is/ are (questions)

Topic 3: I am doing (present continuous)

Topic 4: are you doing? (present continuous questions)

Topic 5: I do/ work/ like, etc. (present simple)

Topic 6: I don´t… (present simple negative)

Topic 7: Do you…? (present simple questions)

Topic 8: I am doing (present continuous) and I do (present simple)

Topic 9: I have… and I´d got…

Impersonal Forms

Topic 37: there is, there are

Topic 38: there was/ were     there has/ have been     there will be

Topic 39: It…


Topic 35: Do this! Don´t do that! Let´s do this!


Topic 25: What are you doing tomorrow?

Topic 26: I´m going to…

Topic 27: will/ shall (1)

Topic 28: will/ shall (2)

Fixed Forms

Topic 34: Would you like…? I´d like…

Topic 36: I used to…

Conjunctions & Clauses

Topic 97: And but or so because

Topic 98: When

Topic 99:  If we go…   if you see…,etc.

Topic 100:  If I had… If I went, etc.

Topic 101: a person who… a thing that/ which (relative clauses 1)

Topic 102: the people we met… the hotel you stayed at…(relative clauses 2)

Auxiliare Verbs

Topic 40: I am, I don´t, etc.

Topic 41: have you? are you? don´t you?

Topic 42: too/either, so am I/ neither do I, etc.

Topic 43: isn´t, haven´t, don´t, etc. (negatives)

Phrasal Verbs

Topic 114: go in, fall off, run away, etc. (phrasal verbs 1)

Topic 115: puto on your shoes/ put your shoes on (phrasal verbs 2)

Appendix 6: Phrasal verbs (take off/ give up, etc.)

Appendix 7: Phrasal verbs + object (puto ut a fire/ give up your job, etc.)

Adjectives & Adverbs

 Topic 85: Adjectives & Adverbs (old/nice/interesting, etc.)

Topic 86: quickly/badly/suddenly, etc. (adverbs)

Topic 87: old/older/expensive/more expensive.

Topic 88: older than…/more expensive than…

Topic 89: not as…as

Topic 90: the oldest/the most expensive

Topic 91: enough

Topic 92: too