Adjectives and adverbs

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Topic 66: Position of adjectives

Topic 67: Gradable and non-gradable adjectives 1

Topic 68: Gradable and non-gradable adjectives 2

Topic 69: Participle adjectives and compound adjectives

Topic 70: Adjective + to-infinitive, -ing that-clause, wh-clause

Topic 71: Adjectives and adverbs

Topic 72: Adjectives and adverbs_comparative and superlative forms

Topic 73: Comparative phrases and clauses

Topic 74: Position of adverbs 1

Topic 75: Position of adverbs 2

Topic 76: Adverbs of place, direction, indefinite frequency, and time

Topic 77: Degree adverbs and focus adverbs

Topic 78: Comment adverbs and viewpoint adverbs

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